02. August 2021

Fundraising campaign for flood victims at FREY&LAU

On 14.07.2021, flash floods triggered by heavy rain rolled through the towns along the Ahr river. 134 people lost their lives. Thousands are homeless. Hundreds of buildings were swept away. A great wave of willingness to help and donate is now rolling through FREY&LAU. A donation campaign was quickly organised and three donation canisters were set up in the company and now opened on Thursday, 29.07.2021. The 270 employees of FREY&LAU donated no less than 2,096.60 euros. The management then increased the sum to 10,000 euros. FREY&LAU donated all the money to "Aktion Deutschland hilft".
02. July 2021

Vaccination campaign at FREY&LAU – Together against Corona

On Wednesday, 30 June 2021, all FREY&LAU employees and their relatives had the opportunity to be vaccinated by our company doctor, Dr Taubitz. Both first and second vaccinations were offered. A remarkable 101 vaccinations were carried out during this great campaign. Even the weather cooperated on this day - fortunately for all relatives - they of course had to wait outside the door to ensure safety for all participants. FREY&LAU hasn't had this many visitors since the 2019 summer party. Thanks to the great planning of the HR department, everything went smoothly, with little contact and to everyone's satisfaction.


04. June 2021

Sustainability at FREY&LAU

17. December 2020

An eventful year at FREY&LAU

06. August 2020

Signing of the IFRA-IOFI Sustainability Charta

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Gulfood Manufacturing

08.-10.11.2022 / Dubai
German Pavilion

CHCI Cosmetics & Home Care Ingredients

25.05.-27.05.2022 // Istanbul


22.-24.05.2022 / Amman
Grand Hall Booth 35


01.11. - 03.11.2022 / Frankfurt


26.10.2022 - 28.10.2022 / Berlin

Fi Europe

06.12.2022 - 08.12.2022 / Frankfurt


30.05. - 02.06.2022 / Algier
A F021


Varieties to suit every possible application: Flavours develop and unfold differently in every product. Therefore, along with creativity and finesse, the art of developing flavours also requires a great deal of technical know-how. Extensive knowledge of various foods and application areas is needed. At FREY&LAU we combine all of the knowledge - producing flavours using the optimal technology.


FREY&LAU produces liquid flavours in all imaginable varieties. Liquid flavours are particularly well-suited for teas, beverages, fruit gums, chewing gums, soft and chewy candies, chocolates, fruit preparations, ice creams and oral care products. Many of these flavours are also available in a highly concentrated form. Like all of our products, liquid flavours are evaluated through extensive tests in the respective applications.

Powder and Granules

Ingredients that hit the right taste buds. Our solid flavours are available in all desired taste varieties and can assume various forms and consistencies. We offer our customers powder mixes, spray-dried powders, macro-granules or plant fiber granules with outstanding properties for flavouring cereals, bakery products, ice creams, dessert powders, teas and instant beverages.


We pioneer products for our customers. With CAPSO® technology, FREY&LAU has developed a highly innovative process for encapsulating flavours. CAPSO® flavours are distinguished by their remarkably authentic flavour profiles and retention of high-end notes. CAPSO® flavour granules have outstanding mechanical stability. As a result of their long shelf life and a water soluble matrix, CAPSO® flavour granules are ideally suited for flavouring tea. We maintain an extensive assortment of these granules in a broad variety of flavourings and in many sizes, shapes and colors.


Over many years, we have perfected the production of mint flavours. Due to our vast expertise and experience in this area, we are considered to be a specialist in processing mint oils, which are very gently rectified on our own custom-developed distillation plant. Mint flavours have a revitalizing freshness and are primarily used in dental and oral care products, chewing gum and confectioneries. We produce a fascinating variety of flavours based on mint, peppermint and spearmint oils as well as menthol. At Frey + Lau, customers appreciate our wide range of minty flavours for every application.


The sweet flavour of vanilla gives an irresistible taste to a multitude of foods. Hardly any other flavour experience releases such positive feelings; for that reason, highly flavorful vanilla is considered to be the "queen of spices." Our customers profit from the entire range of vanilla flavourings. We cover the whole spectrum in the vanilla segment, from vanillin and natural vanilla flavours up to organic vanilla extracts. Our own in-house extraction systems produce vanilla extracts in a wide variety of concentrations. We use these as the basis for developing vanilla flavours, and of course, our customers can also directly obtain the extracts in organic (BIO), NOP or fair trade quality. As a leading European distributor of vanillin, we are consistently able to offer our customers the complete range of vanilla flavours at competitive prices.