17. December 2020

An eventful year at FREY&LAU

We would have loved to tell you about our big family event before the Christmas holidays, about the unique atmosphere at the Christmas office party or about the successful agent meeting. Because of Covid-19, however, we had to forego big parties. This was the only way we could contribute to the health protection of our staff. Having to cancel everything was a pity, but we surely will find another reason to see each other as soon as circumstances allow.
Covid-19 has had a major impact on our work over the past year. Therefore, the behaviour of all our staff is all the more impressive. Everyone fully supported and full-heartedly implemented the decisions made by the management. With a lot of dedication and the will to change, we have managed to master the situation and go new - often virtual - ways. The management, Dr. Maja Zippel and Claas Nendel, has thanked all employees for their special commitment and great performance by paying them a bonus.
We would like to sincerely thank all our customers and partners for the good cooperation in this extraordinary year. Especially in these times, we greatly appreciate the trust you place in us.
FREY&LAU wishes you and your family a peaceful festive season, good health and a successful start into 2021.
06. August 2020

Signing of the IFRA-IOFI Sustainability Charta

On the 1st of July the IFRA-IOFI Sustainability Charta was released. With our signature beneath and inside. As a member of the national associations DVAI (German Association of the Flavour Industry) and DVRH (German Association of the Fragrance Industry) we helped developing and realizing the Charta on the international level of the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and the IOFI (International Organization of the Flavour Industry). The Charta cover all spans of sustainability and takes a life-cycle approach. Based on the 5 focus areas responsible sourcing, environmental footprint, well-being of employees, product safety and transparency and partnership. As a family business we are looking further ahead than many other companies. We want our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to be healthy, happy and successful. This goal can only be achieved though a path of long-term planning, particularly with regard to nature and people. There is one Earth only and we must protect her!


22. July 2020

A Visitor from the German Bundestag

On the 25th of June Henstedt-Ulzburg showed itself from ist sunniest side and greeted everyone with
01. April 2020

We help!

Small Things, big effect! Today we delivered 1.000 of our F&L bags to Hamburger Tafel e.V. - this w
13. December 2019

Company Christmas Party

As the name already suggests: shortly before christmas the company management invites all FREY&L
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13.10.2021 - 15.10.2021 / Berlin
Virtual Conference

Fi Europe

30.11.2021 - 02.12.2021 / Frankfurt


The vast range of our exquisite fragrance compositions serves as a source of inspiration for our customers. Fragrance creations from FREY&LAU accompany people throughout the day, all around the world. For years, renowned manufacturers in the personal care and home care sectors have relied on FREY&LAU’s proven expertise in developing sophisticated and market-driven fragrance concepts.


Our fragrances make brands unique and help building emotional product loyalty with the user. Moreover, they are distinguished by precisely and fine-tuned customized functionality. This creates unmistakable and exceptional product experiences – whether for cosmetics products, household cleaners, soaps, detergents, room fragrances or for technical scenting.

Home care

Lasting freshness and the radiant clean smell – consumers mainly choose cleaning products based on fragrance. Pleasant, appealing and refreshing fragrances create an all-around sense of well-being at home. Whether for dishwasher detergent, all-purpose, bleach-based or bathroom cleaners: FREY&LAU offers fragrances with exciting scent profiles that are specially developed for strict chemical-technical requirements. Thanks to our diverse range of technical options, we are able to produce customized solutions for special applications, such as water soluble fragrances in extremely acidic or alkaline applications, as is often required for industrial cleaners or car maintenance.

Fabric care

The long lasting fragrance of freshly washed fabrics is always a delight. A persistent fresh scent creates positive feelings and reminds us of the beautiful moments in life. These are scents such as floral spring fragrances, a fruity summer composition with subtle citrus notes, or a touch of lavender. The experts at FREY&LAU have decades of experience in the price-intensive laundry detergent and fabric softener market and offer inspiring, competitive fragrance compositions with long-lasting and fixative properties. Every culture has specific perceptions of the perfect laundry scent. That’s why we closely monitor global trends and markets to ensure that our customers receive fragrance concepts that are optimally tailored to the needs of their end consumer market.

Cosmetics / Body care

Whether for shampoos, shower gels or cosmetics – our creative new developments connect sensory experiences with a wonderful feeling of well-being. We create expressive fragrances which emphasize the desired brand image. To achieve optimal scent results, we incorporate our fragrances into an extensive number of test series in various applications. In addition, ongoing review of current legislation guarantees the highest degree of safety in the final product. Even when faced with increasing demands regarding ingredients and allergens, our customers always receive completely safe products. We are pleased to introduce our trend-driven fragrance concepts for retail brands and brand products in marketing presentations.


The fine art of creating fragrances plays a prominent role in soap products. With imaginative or classical fragrance notes, we produce promising fragrance compositions for our customers which provide something special in the bath and accentuate the individuality of private labels. In our technology center, we add the fragrances directly into the various types of soaps – whether ordinary bathroom soap, moisturizing soap, laundry soap or bar and liquid soap. This process allows us to optimally test and present the development of the fragrance in various bases.


Coziness, tranquility and comfort – that is what the atmospheric scent of candles conveys in every season. Whether paraffin, stearin or gel candles: FREY&LAU has decades of exceptional expertise in producing room-diffusing scents which can be used in every type of candle. FREY&LAU's fragrances meet IFRA guidelines and bear the RAL quality seal; furthermore, the oils are extensively tested in our laboratories for burning properties, color trueness and fragrance development.

Natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics is the fastest growing segment of the cosmetics market today. FREY&LAU recognized this trend very early on. FREY&LAU has been developing creative, authentic and modern fragrance experiences for this specialized market for more than 10 years. In this area, we utilize the broad range of our natural raw materials, extracts and essential oils, which are exclusively used in our fragrances for natural cosmetic products. Because of our years of experience in this sector, we offer our customers individualized fragrance solutions in compliance with certification standards that include NaTrue, COSMOS and BDIH.

Room scent

Appealing fragrances help create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. After all, it is through the sense of smell that people establish direct and unconscious emotional connections that are linked to other people, products or to salesrooms. For years now, FREY&LAU has been setting standards and trends in developing high-quality fragrance concepts for room scenting. The leading room scent providers rely on our knowledge and trust in our expertise in the area of fragrances and ready-to-use room scents. Whether it's for reed diffusers, room sprays or scented oils – when it comes to refined concepts and selected fragrance experiences, we are your strongest partner.

Car care

Car care is a matter of the heart for many people, and they only want the best products. The production of fragrance compositions for car care products is highly challenging, since both water soluble compositions and products with extreme pH values are required. In this application area, FREY&LAU has the necessary technical expertise, gained from decades of research, in the development of fragrance creations that are full of character. Our fragrances enhance windscreen cleaners, foam cleaners for car wash systems as well as numerous car care products for interior and exterior – and with the assurance of maximum stability.