13. January 2023

Good news

At the end of the year, Dr Zippel and Mr Nendel had a surprise in store. The entire staff was called together in two groups. Since no information had leaked out beforehand, all employees were curiously waiting for the announcement. The successful business year was acknowledged with a short speech. Then the company owners revealed the secret with visible joy: each employee received a generous amount, the so-called inflation compensation bonus. The lavish bonus came just in time for most of them just before Christmas. Thus, the staff starts the New Year highly motivated.
19. December 2022


On the occasion of an event organised by the Deutsche Gesellschaft der Parfümeure (DGP) at our company, our senior perfumer Dirk Linder was presented with an award (left picture). It is a token of appreciation for his many years of service to SEPAWA® e.V., including as an active member of the scientific advisory board. Furthermore, our chief perfumer, Fred Naraschkéwitz, received an award for a fragrance creation on the given theme "Teds & Riots" during the SEPAWA® Congress. Here, no paper but a bottle of champagne was presented (right picture, 2nd from left). We are delighted and congratulate them both!


01. September 2022

Summer Festival 2022

15. June 2022

Djazagro in Algeria

14. April 2022

Trends 2023

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26.10.2022 - 28.10.2022 / Berlin


31.10.-02.11.2022 / Dubai
Hall Sheikh Saeed 2, booth A35


01.11. - 03.11.2022 / Frankfurt
Hall 11.0, booth 110H74

Gulfood Manufacturing

08.-10.11.2022 / Dubai
Sheikh Saeed Hall 1, booth F7-4

Fi Europe

06.12.2022 - 08.12.2022 / Frankfurt
Hall 3.1, booth: 7.1D30

We will only use the best raw materials. Our diverse range of fragrance and flavour substances are used in fragrance compositions, as flavour components in the food sector, and as active pharmaceutical ingredients. Manufacturers of oral care products, chewing gum and animal feed also rely on our extensive assortment.


FREY&LAU supplies aroma chemicals for producing appealing flavour compositions: vanillin and ethylvanillin for use in sweets, raspberry ketone and strawberry furanone to create fruity flavour nuances, menthol and mint oil for fresh, minty tastes, and anethole for spicy-herbal delights. As an expert partner, we immediately find the right solution for whatever our customers need.


A variety of fragrances and aromatic substances go into the creation of well-balanced fragrance composition. Vanillin is often the right choice for sweet and juicy nuances; the addition of aldehyde C14 (peach-aldehyde) is often a must-have. The aroma chemical piperonal (heliotropin) combines vanillin and almond. By contrast, coumarin is used in compositions featuring herbal notes. Ethylene brassylate, a macrocyclic musk, lends warmth and adhesion to a fragrance. At FREY&LAU, our customers find experts who are at home in the world of fragrances.


Only exceptional flavour ensures ultimate enjoyment. Whether in food, beverages and snacks or in a cough drop flavoured with a blend of eucalyptus oil and menthol: Our raw materials enhance most of our everyday foods, strengthening the final products success. Most baking mixes, cakes, ice creams and chocolates only truly develop their delicious taste when vanillin has been added. Chewing gum and lozenges get their fresh kick from menthol, mint oil or peppermint oil. Without the enhancement of essential oils, many foods would lack their characteristic smell and taste.


Our aroma chemicals are widely used in the feed industry. Vanillin and cinnamaldehyde are commonly used for feed products. Due to their traditional properties and flavouring potential, thymol, carvacrol and various essential oils are being added to animal feed mixes. We have a GMP+ certification for our additives business, particularly for this specific application.