The Fragrance Trends 2019

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Discover our fragrant trends for 2019! Day by day, our marketing team sifts & gathers impressions from art & culture, lifestyle & food, fashion & interior to develop trend concepts for our perfumers.



This year, the trend portfolio for 2019 includes three captivating worlds, each of which contains a statement with exclusive and unique fragrances. New Graffiti - a youthful theme that revisits the 90s. The fragrances are fruity-sporty, with a special kick! They combine fragrance nuances that you might not have perceived as typical combinations at first. Flourish - floral scent is in the air. The lushness of nature unites with the elegance of Scandinavian design. The scents are floral yet refreshingly modern. Deep Glow - man as the starting point of creativity and technology. Our perfumers have interpreted the Pantone Color of the Year 2018 "Ultra Violet" and developed fragrances with great complexity from it. We look forward to introducing you to the 2019 Fragrance Trends. Feel free to contact us.