06. mars 2023

Support for « Help Mada »

Since the beginning of this year FREY&LAU supports with great pleasure the non-profit association "Help Mada e.V.". In this way, we would like to make a contribution to sustainably improving the quality of life of the people of Madagascar. About 80% of the population there live below the poverty line. What is particularly lacking is adequate medical care and educational opportunities. "Help Mada e.V." collects donations to build and expand schools and health stations. In addition, vanilla farmers are to be provided with an additional source of income through vegetable cultivation. FREY&LAU has been sourcing vanilla pods from Madagascar for decades, which we process at our site.
13. janvier 2023

Good news

At the end of the year, Dr Zippel and Mr Nendel had a surprise in store. The entire staff was called together in two groups. Since no information had leaked out beforehand, all employees were curiously waiting for the announcement. The successful business year was acknowledged with a short speech. Then the company owners revealed the secret with visible joy: each employee received a generous amount, the so-called inflation compensation bonus. The lavish bonus came just in time for most of them just before Christmas. Thus, the staff starts the New Year highly motivated.


19. décembre 2022


01. septembre 2022

Summer Festival 2022

15. juin 2022

Djazagro in Algeria

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26.10.2022 - 28.10.2022 / Berlin


31.10.-02.11.2022 / Dubai
Hall Sheikh Saeed 2, booth A35


01.11. - 03.11.2022 / Frankfurt
Hall 11.0, booth 110H74

Gulfood Manufacturing

08.-10.11.2022 / Dubai
Sheikh Saeed Hall 1, booth F7-4

Fi Europe

06.12.2022 - 08.12.2022 / Frankfurt
Hall 3.1, booth: 7.1D30


Notre service de qualité orienté vers les clients est l’expression de notre haute exigence de qualité concernant l’ensemble de l’entreprise, du sourcing à la livraison en passant par le développement des produits. Outre la production basée sur la technique la plus moderne, la gestion de la qualité certifiée possède ainsi une importance cruciale. Afin de répondre jour après jour aux exigences de qualité individuelles de nos clients de manière innovante et écologique, nous développons continuellement nos normes de qualité et nos normes environnementales exigeantes.