17. Dicembre 2020

An eventful year at FREY&LAU

We would have loved to tell you about our big family event before the Christmas holidays, about the unique atmosphere at the Christmas office party or about the successful agent meeting. Because of Covid-19, however, we had to forego big parties. This was the only way we could contribute to the health protection of our staff. Having to cancel everything was a pity, but we surely will find another reason to see each other as soon as circumstances allow.
Covid-19 has had a major impact on our work over the past year. Therefore, the behaviour of all our staff is all the more impressive. Everyone fully supported and full-heartedly implemented the decisions made by the management. With a lot of dedication and the will to change, we have managed to master the situation and go new - often virtual - ways. The management, Dr. Maja Zippel and Claas Nendel, has thanked all employees for their special commitment and great performance by paying them a bonus.
We would like to sincerely thank all our customers and partners for the good cooperation in this extraordinary year. Especially in these times, we greatly appreciate the trust you place in us.
FREY&LAU wishes you and your family a peaceful festive season, good health and a successful start into 2021.
06. Agosto 2020

Signing of the IFRA-IOFI Sustainability Charta

On the 1st of July the IFRA-IOFI Sustainability Charta was released. With our signature beneath and inside. As a member of the national associations DVAI (German Association of the Flavour Industry) and DVRH (German Association of the Fragrance Industry) we helped developing and realizing the Charta on the international level of the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and the IOFI (International Organization of the Flavour Industry). The Charta cover all spans of sustainability and takes a life-cycle approach. Based on the 5 focus areas responsible sourcing, environmental footprint, well-being of employees, product safety and transparency and partnership. As a family business we are looking further ahead than many other companies. We want our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to be healthy, happy and successful. This goal can only be achieved though a path of long-term planning, particularly with regard to nature and people. There is one Earth only and we must protect her!


22. Luglio 2020

A Visitor from the German Bundestag

On the 25th of June Henstedt-Ulzburg showed itself from ist sunniest side and greeted everyone with
13. Dicembre 2019

Company Christmas Party

As the name already suggests: shortly before christmas the company management invites all FREY&L
10. Dicembre 2019

Exhibition Season 2019

The most important thing next to digitalisation and new media is in our opinion the personal contact
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13.10.2021 - 15.10.2021 / Berlin
Virtual Conference

Fi Europe

30.11.2021 - 02.12.2021 / Frankfurt

F+L nel mondo

Prodotti di successo per il mondo intero

In quanto azienda orientata internazionalmente e operativa a livello globale, riforniamo da Henstedt-Ulzburg verso il mondo intero. Esportiamo i nostri prodotti verso oltre 90 paesi a clienti provenienti dai settori alimentare, cosmetico, dei prodotti detergenti e farmaceutico. La vicinanza al porto di Amburgo rappresenta un notevole vantaggio di posizione per l'esportazione e la distribuzione, ma anche per l’acquisto di materie prime da tutti i continenti. La selezione a livello internazionale di fornitori qualificati e affidabili, così come cooperazioni pluriennali con partner locali per distribuzione e vendita sono ulteriori pilastri del nostro successo. Grazie alle nostre vaste disponibilità di magazzino ci è possibile garantire brevi tempi di consegna per i nostri prodotti

Know-how settoriale per i mercati globali

Come partner competenti e operativi a livello internazionale, possediamo la competenza e la conoscenza del prodotto e del settore, delle richieste specifiche del mercato e delle disposizioni vigenti per lo sviluppo di aromi, oli profumati e oli essenziali per diverse applicazioni. Grazie allo sfruttamento coerente del potenziale sinergico derivante dai diversi settori dei prodotti, siamo in grado di raggiungere una qualità del prodotto eccellente. In questo senso possiamo fare affidamento a un ricco bagaglio di esperienza nella produzione orientata al mercato di destinazione di tipologie di aromi e profumi. Sulla base delle nostre osservazioni del mercato e delle tendenze possiamo reagire in modo flessibile e in qualsiasi momento alle preferenze regionali e ai desideri dei consumatori, presentando concetti e prodotti adeguati.



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