04. junio 2021

Sustainability at FREY&LAU

Environmental protection and cost reduction in one! FREY&LAU's incoming goods department has developed a new disposal stream, saving CO² and costs - but how exactly does it work? At FREY&LAU, 17,000 drums and approx. 800 IBCs are produced every year, which have to be disposed of at a cost - and we're not talking about pennies here, but hard euros. From now on, FREY&LAU will use the empty packaging recycling capacities of our long-standing packaging supplier Witt. Since the end of May, the FREY&LAU goods receiving team has switched over the disposal stream, saving not only thousands of euros but also work steps! And by the way, a lot of CO² is also saved! The Witt lorries with the fresh packaging, which arrive at FREY&LAU up to 4 times a week, are immediately loaded with the packaging to be disposed of. This avoids CO²-wasting empty transports and simplifies handling. But FREY&LAU and Witt have not yet reached the end of the (green) road: Witt will soon be able to recycle our main packaging material, PE canisters, too! They are working on the approval of a plant that can shred PE canisters, clean them and process them by extrusion into new & inexpensive packaging materials. Our disposed quantities are enough to produce approx. 850 new IBCs, which corresponds to 18 tonnes less CO²!
17. diciembre 2020

An eventful year at FREY&LAU

We would have loved to tell you about our big family event before the Christmas holidays, about the unique atmosphere at the Christmas office party or about the successful agent meeting. Because of Covid-19, however, we had to forego big parties. This was the only way we could contribute to the health protection of our staff. Having to cancel everything was a pity, but we surely will find another reason to see each other as soon as circumstances allow.
Covid-19 has had a major impact on our work over the past year. Therefore, the behaviour of all our staff is all the more impressive. Everyone fully supported and full-heartedly implemented the decisions made by the management. With a lot of dedication and the will to change, we have managed to master the situation and go new - often virtual - ways. The management, Dr. Maja Zippel and Claas Nendel, has thanked all employees for their special commitment and great performance by paying them a bonus.
We would like to sincerely thank all our customers and partners for the good cooperation in this extraordinary year. Especially in these times, we greatly appreciate the trust you place in us.
FREY&LAU wishes you and your family a peaceful festive season, good health and a successful start into 2021.


06. agosto 2020

Signing of the IFRA-IOFI Sustainability Charta

22. julio 2020

A Visitor from the German Bundestag

13. diciembre 2019

Company Christmas Party

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Gulfood Manufacturing

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A F021

Gestión de calidad

Gestión de calidad de la A a la Z 


Mediante un sistema exigente de gestión de calidad garantizamos a nuestros clientes productos de máxima calidad. Como empresa que produce para la industria alimentaria y farmacéutica, entre otras, conocemos la gran necesidad de seguridad de nuestros clientes. Pero, igualmente, somos conscientes de nuestra responsabilidad: un sistema de control de calidad implementado sistemáticamente, certificado según las Buenas Prácticas de Fabricación (BPF) y el Análisis de Peligros y Puntos Críticos de Control (APPCC), vela en FREY&LAU por una seguridad verificable y por la mayor protección al consumidor. Nuestros estrictos controles de calidad empiezan por la cuidadosa selección de las materias primas hasta el minucioso análisis de los productos finales, pasando por todas las zonas de producción sin excepción. Solo los productos en perfecto estado abandonan nuestra fábrica. Para garantizar esto, todos los controles de calidad se supervisan y optimizan constantemente.


Alta calidad mediante análisis precisos


Un amplio análisis de las materias primas forma parte de nuestro estándar de calidad. En nuestro moderno departamento de analítica realizamos además análisis de CG y CG-EM para examinar las materias primas y los productos finales, así como para hacer controles durante la fabricación. Todos los nuevos y posteriores desarrollos se examinan por completo en el departamento de Tecnología de Aplicación y se estudian los perfiles de requisitos. Para seguir desarrollando constantemente nuestro excelente estándar de calidad mantenemos un intercambio continuo de información con los científicos de las universidades y los expertos de las asociaciones profesionales.