On the path to market-readiness, we support our customers with a wide range of services during the entire development process. From the creation and presentation of innovative fragrance concepts, individually tailored to the respective industry and desired application area, up to the evaluation of the fragrances in extensive application and stability tests. Reviews of legal criteria, IFRA conformity and monitoring with respect to environmental criteria and consumer standards are services which you can of course expect at FREY&LAU.


FREY&LAU stands for superior quality, technical expertise and flexible solutions for all aspects of fragrance production. Three points which, alongside our choice of raw materials, are key elements in guaranteeing our customers' fullest satisfaction. We produce fragrance compositions, concentrates, emulsions and ready-to-use compounds in the shortest possible time.
Whether in small quantities or uniform batches up to 25 tons, as just-in-time production, annual contracts or spontaneous orders – we are not satisfied until our customers are just as excited about our fragrances as we are.

Product Development

Developing fragrances is our passion. The composition of a fragrance profile begins with the idea in the perfumer’s mind; creating the right recipe, however, requires outstanding olfactory senses. Our perfumers are both artists and profound experts in the branch. They combine creativity with technical knowledge and can draw on their vast experience when creating fragrances, enabling them to develop new and unique fragrance compositions every day. These compositions are aligned with current market trends and pass our stringent application tests. Our customers profit from holistic project management, which is based on the close integration of marketing, sales and development at FREY&LAU.

Application Technology

Our customers are always on the safe side: Using broad-based application technology, we monitor all products with respect to their intended use. Our fragrances are thoroughly examined and analyzed in complex tests to determine their performance properties and individual usability in the final product. In addition, we perform extensive stability tests and examine the fragrances for stability, color trueness and physical properties. During this process, we work in compliance with cosmetics regulations and take all IFRA guidelines into account. We always keep up to date with the latest legislation.