Your advantages

Reliability, expertise, trust and effort – at FREY&LAU, these guiding principles apply to all areas of our relationships with our customers. We wish to stand out daily. We strive to achieve exceptional quality, short delivery times, a fair price-performance ratio and a high degree of commitment in our employees – and thus to be a reliable partner for a long cooperation and trusting partnership.

Excellent services

Our range of services for the development and production of flavours, fragrances and essential oils, just like our internal processes, are geared towards meeting our customers’ high standards for quality, performance and service – today, tomorrow and into the future. These principles are an integral part of the FREY&LAU corporate philosophy. Because of the dedicated commitment and technical know-how of our employees, we are always able to respond quickly and develop innovative ideas and solutions for our customers. Our goal is to continue to demonstrate our reliability and technical expertise to meet every request in the decades to come.

Quality – Assured

We are continually advancing our high standards of quality, because our customers expect excellent quality from us and absolute reliability of the products. Our efficient quality management in combination with state-of-the-art production is the key to our success. Both are cornerstones of a stringent quality standard we instill throughout the entire company, from product development to delivery. It starts with the global sourcing of high-quality raw materials, a process we have optimized by auditing our suppliers on a regular basis.

Consistent high quality in all markets

All of our products undergo a multitude of tests before being used by the customer. This enables us to produce consistently high quality for target markets all around the world. In our state-of-the art, highly specialized analytics laboratory, we perform comprehensive quality controls on all raw materials used as well as on the manufactured products themselves. A consistent HACCP concept and certifications under IFS for food, GMP for pharmaceuticals and GMP+ for animal feed demonstrate the high quality standards. To ensure continuous further development and this excellent standard of quality, we invest in our laboratories, systems and equipment on an ongoing basis. We also regularly exchange knowledge and ideas with experts and universities.

Just in time, flexible and in any quantity

Short delivery times enable smooth production processes for our customers – without delays and unnecessary warehousing costs. We deliver quickly, directly and precisely when our customers need their products. With a warehouse volume of more than 5,000 tons at our location in Henstedt-Ulzburg, we guarantee on-time deliveries and respond to customer requests with great flexibility. Meeting customer-specific requirements is an important success factor at FREY&LAU.

Competitive prices at all times

In principle, the quality of business relationships is founded on a balanced price-performance ratio. A streamlined cost structure combined with high efficiency in production and sales ensures our competitiveness at the national and international level. Of course, cost-effective sourcing of raw materials of reliably good quality is also decisive in allowing us to offering competitive prices. Due to our extensive warehousing capacities, we can purchase large volumes at the optimal time in order to secure price advantages for our customers.

Global supplier contacts assure a competitive price level

Another advantage is our stable and reliable relationships with suppliers worldwide, which means we are highly flexible in the selection and purchasing of raw materials. Low administration expenses, cost-effective production processes and the general structure of our company's organization also help us offer our customers the highest qualities at advantageous prices.

We thrive on the commitment of our employees

Our success is based on the work and dedication of our employees. The satisfaction of our customers is the result of their commitment. In constant dialogue, they provide optimal consultation and support, creating the basis for a mutually successful future.

A passion for mutual success: The highly qualified employees of FREY&LAU always think and act in a customer-focused and responsible business manner. FREY&LAU provides the necessary spaces for this in an inspiring work environment that encourages creativity. An open, family-like working atmosphere and interactions based on trust are the foundation of the extraordinarily high degree of commitment of our employees. Their dedication plays a decisive role in ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.

Owner-managed company, close to our customers

As a medium-sized, owner-managed company with a global alignment, FREY&LAU can independently, flexibly and individually respond to our customers’ needs. Along with unique products, experts, dedicated employees and efficient management are additional factors in the company’s success. Through flat hierarchies with direct and short decision-making paths, we ensure fast and transparent communication between employees and management within the company. Without delays or detours, we can flexibly align internal processes to the respective requirements.

Customer-oriented by tradition

The optimum product is always at the forefront. To achieve this goal, we work hand in hand with a dynamic team. We gear all of our business processes toward developing the best possible solution for our customers. To continue to impress customers in the future with efficiency, innovativeness and successful products, we continually invest in the equipment, structures and growth of the company. Our company headquarters in greater Hamburg region provide the ideal framework conditions for this. Exceptional infrastructure and high levels of staff qualifications speak in support of this location, with which we've felt strongly connected for more than 180 years.