From the first idea to the market-ready product: We support our customers with a strong team of creative flavourists, highly competent application technologists and market experts. All of the knowledge and findings from our many years of experience go into producing flavours and developing customized flavourings – using state-of-the-art technology during the process. Along with extensive development and production testing at our in-house technology center, our application technologists carry out intensive application and stability testing to evaluate the flavours. Moreover, we precisely tailor products to various market and legal requirements.


We are an organization, in which a high degree of expert knowledge and technical expertise unite with stringent quality standards. These factors are essential for the production of liquid, powdered and encapsulated flavours. Depending on our customers’ requirements, we can produce smaller quantities as well as uniform batches of up to 25 tons. Most up-to-date production equipment and continuous monitoring of all production processes through HACCP and IFS guarantee the highest degree of product safety and quality. Our extensive on-site warehouse capacities and streamlined production processes increase our flexibility and guarantee very short delivery times. We continually invest in new technologies and in the further expansion of our manufacturing plant, for a shared and successful future with our customers and partners.

Product Development

Equipped with vast experience, a good feeling for trends and a keen sense of taste, our experts develop fine tasting flavours for customers in a diverse range of industries. FREY&LAU offers a wide reaching portfolio of flavour compositions which are used around the world in tea, coffee, beverages, confectioneries and bakery products, as well as in oral care products and animal feed. With a wealth of expertise, we create new, future-oriented and innovative flavour experiences precisely tailored to our customers' needs. Close cooperation between the developers and the application technologists, marketing and sales departments supports our integrated concept of successful project management.

Application Technology

The development of flavours and taste experiences is a profession unlike any other. Its powered by the imagination and inventiveness of the flavourists, from their precise technical and market knowledge and complex analytical testing procedures. In our application laboratory, the flavours are subject to elaborate application tests to examine their individual operational capability, stability and authenticity. This essential step allows us to accurately determine how the sense and taste release in the final product. With this purpose we incorporate a broad variety of flavours into bakery products, chewing gum, chocolates, hard caramels, jelly products and beverages. The selection, evaluation and quality assessment is then continued as part of our sensory technology and analysis. We provide product innovations, technical concepts or recipe optimizations, supporting our customers until the product makes its way to the sales shelves. We are only satisfied with a result if everything is at its right place.

Vanilla Extraction

Vanilla is one of the most valuable spices in the world. The natural flavour from the pods enhances a wide range of sweet foods, including chocolate and bakery products. It is also added to tea and dairy products. FREY&LAU has a custom-developed extraction plant to process vanilla pods. Using a special manufacturing method, we produce pure bourbon vanilla extracts of the highest quality, which are used for the development of numerous vanilla flavourings. Our portfolio includes vanilla extracts in various concentrations. In addition to conventional extracts, we also offer customers organic certified and Fairtrade vanilla extracts.

Organic / Fairtrade

A broad range for a growing segment: Consumer demand for organically and environmentally certified foods and ingredients is continually growing. As compared to conventional flavours, natural flavours for this market are subject to even stricter requirements. FREY&LAU offers a variety of organic and Fairtrade certified flavours. Our carefully produced vanilla extracts, which are extracted from pods, also fall into this category. We are an organically certified producer in accordance with EU Regulation 2018/848.