Whether for teas, bakery products, confectioneries, beverages, or dental hygiene products: We develop customized and authentic flavour compositions with direct feedback from our customers. FREY&LAU offers the full spectrum of flavours, finely nuanced and perfect for applications in the food, animal feed, beverage and oral care industries. One of the main focuses in our business is natural flavours. Going back to nature allows us to satisfy the growing consumer needs for natural and healthy products. On the path of becoming a successful final product, our flavours undergo numerous tests in our Application Technology Centre. This process ensures that the flavour has the required properties and is suitable in each particular field of application.


FREY&LAU has decisively shaped the development of flavoured teas in Germany and continues to be at the heart of flavoured tea development. We’ve supported the tea industry worldwide for over 50 years, through flavouring black and green, rooibos and instant teas as well as fruit and herbal infusions. We continually tap into this wealth of experience when developing new creative flavours. As a specialist in customized tea flavours, we set innovative trends and design unique solutions on the basis of an extensive range of all conceivable taste nuances. For example, with the CAPSO® technology, we have developed a groundbreaking method for encapsulating tea flavours. A superb addition to our stock of liquid flavours for loose rough cut and medium cut teas, and to our product-line of granulated flavours for fine cut teas in bags.


Our flavour creates moments of pleasure. Among coffee lovers, flavoured coffee has been steadily moving up the popularity scale. At home, at the office, in cafés or while travelling. There are no limits when it comes to the creativity and variety of tastes; the spectrum ranges from hazelnut-mocha to strawberry-frappuccino. FREY&LAU offers a range of flavours´, especially designed for use in coffee. They are perfect additions to cappuccino beverage powders, ground coffee and coffee syrups.


Tangy, fruity, juicy and fresh. As a renowned partner to the beverage industry, FREY&LAU produces both innovative and traditional flavours in equal measure. We have developed a wide range of juicy citrus, cola and fruit flavours tailored to the special technological requirements in the beverage industry. Both our concentrated, liquid flavours for soft drinks as well as spray-dried flavours for instant beverages are tested extensively to assure their solubility and long-lasting stability. They are also subject to a sensory analysis before being added to our product line.

Sweets and Bakery products

From exotic fruit bonbons and fresh mint chewing gum to the creamy vanilla flavour of baking mixes. Producers of confectionery and bakery products trust in the expertise of FREY&LAU when searching for inspiring taste sensations. We offer the largest possible selection of flavours, covering the entire spectrum of sweets and bakery products. Flavours developed for our customers are used in hard caramels, chewing gum, chewy candies, toffees, jellies and rubber products, chocolates, fillings and toppings, cookies and fine pastries – and much, much more. Moreover, we can also deliver high-quality, natural components with natural flavours and vanilla extracts for confectionery products. We test all flavours using state-of-the-art application technology. We integrate the flavour compositions into the target application and analyze them in terms of sensory properties, finished product stability and much more.

Dairy products

Concentrated flavours for yoghurt-fruit preparations, sweet flavours for milk beverages or fruity notes for ice cream – we give every dairy product a special touch. FREY&LAU is very experienced in producing flavours for challenging dairy products. In particular, our vanilla flavours are frequently used in this product segment. In our Application Technology Center, the flavours are precisely inspected in terms of temperature stability, durability and their sensory flavour development. At FREY&LAU, customers find a broad selection of flavours that meet the highest technical requirements.


The delicious taste of breakfast. Natural flavours for muesli bars and other crispy cereal products provide for variety of taste in the early morning. From cream to cocoa, from banana to cranberry – our selection of high-quality natural flavours is impressive. For years, FREY&LAU has been developing diverse flavour compositions for the brands of important cereal manufacturers which are available as liquid or powder flavours.

Oral Care

Producers of brand-name products and manufacturers of retail brands for oral care products around the world profit from our skilled expertise in handling essential oils. Mint oils, traditionally a strong product group from FREY&LAU, play a prominent role in the development of flavours for fresh toothpastes and mouthwash. With creative new developments from Herbal Sensitive to Minty Cherry - we continuously provide "fresh" impulses in the oral care product sector. We support our customers in the development of marketing and product concepts with the selective use of most modern analytic, which allow us to examine market patterns and international flavour trends.


Tobacco flavours are also included in FREY&LAU's diverse flavour portfolio. In addition to imaginative creations for water pipe tobacco, such as Two Apple, Black Grape or Blueberry, we offer conventional tobacco flavouring substances such as menthol, vanillin and flavourings, refined by the addition of essential oils. All flavours are rigorously tested for stability before being included in our product range.


Flavours fulfill a wide variety of functions in the animal feed industry. Enhancing the sensory properties of an animal feed mix leads to increased consumption, thus achieving more successful results. FREY&LAU guarantees consistently high quality in this area. In addition to spray-dried and powder flavours, FREY&LAU also provides liquid flavours for use in pre-mixes, milk substitutes and mixed feed. In addition to classic feed flavourings, we offer our customers essential oils as functional flavour components in animal feed.