With the CAPSO® technology, FREY&LAU has developed a groundbreaking process for manufacturing encapsulated flavour granules. The extraordinary matrix of the CAPSO® flavour granules and the innovative extrusion process ensures shelf life of at least three years, even for citrus flavours that are especially oxidation-sensitive. Their shelf life and water solubility make the granules exceptionally well-suited for flavoured tea. The consumer enjoys the full flavour profile as a result, since the liquid flavour is gently integrated into the CAPSO® granule. The granules are characterized by their first-rate mechanical stability, easy handling and very low hygroscopy. We have a very extensive range of different flavours in various sizes, colors and shapes, permanently in stock.


Full flavour at the right time: Our proprietary CAPSOPEARL® flavour granules are produced in the form of high-quality pearls. The flavour is only released when they contact water. As a result of their extremely long shelf life and high solubility in hot and cold liquids, these granules are very well suited for flavouring fine-cut tea, tea blends, coffee and instant beverages. CAPSOPEARL® flavour granules are distinguished by high mechanical stability and excellent flowing properties, allowing them to be optimally processed. We produce CAPSOPEARL® flavour granules for our customers in all conceivable flavour varieties, from bergamot to spearmint, from natural pear to wild berry.


Flavourful flakes: FREY&LAU developed the CAPSOFLAKE® flavouur granules especially for flavouring fruit and herbal teas, both fine cut and medium cut. Due to their green, blue-violet and brown colors, the flavour flakes in the tea blend are not visible to the consumer’s eye. They are also ideal for flavouring tea blends in pyramid bags. As a result of their special matrix, CAPSOFLAKES® always remain dimensionally stable during transport and processing.


Full flavour is the peak of enjoyment: Due to their needle-like shape, CAPSOSTICK® flavour granules from FREY&LAU are especially used for flavouring rooibos tea. For the fast-growing pyramid bag segment, CAPSOSTICK® flavour granules also offer many advantages. Due to their size and shape, they cannot be differentiated from the tea blend itself. The dyed flavour granules are available in brown or black and do not change the color of the tea bag.


Flavoursome leaves: With our largest CAPSO® flavour granules, we have recreated the shape of a tea leaf. CAPSOLEAF® flavour granules are perfect for flavouring black, fruit and green teas, both coarse cut and medium cut. Despite their large surface, they have a shelf life of at least three years. CAPSOLEAFS® are available in violet-red, green, brown or black. The colored granules do not change the color of the tea bag in the final product.